3D art adding colours

Image of 3D art adding colours

We have been adding analogous colours to our bowls 

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Rounders match

Image of Rounders match

Lots of fun playing rounders today. 

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Creating the solar system

Image of Creating the solar system

Today we have been learning about the solar system and created our own. 


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Paper mache session 1

Image of Paper mache session 1

We have begun work on our paper mache masterpieces using an armature to give the shape.

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Computer programming lesson 1

Image of Computer programming lesson 1

We have started a new computing topic and are exploring programming and quizzes.

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Rounders 11th June

Image of Rounders 11th June

Learning new rounders skills 

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Image of Stonehenge

Stretching our architecture skills by building Stonehenge. 

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Dissecting flowers

Image of Dissecting flowers

An exciting afternoon of dissecting flowering plants and identifying the different parts. 

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Shakespeare follow up

Image of Shakespeare follow up

We have had Catherine in from the Wordsworth Trust to do some follow up work on our Shakespeare play. It was lovely to talk about how much we enjoyed the whole process. 

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Working with reception

Image of Working with reception

Reception have been learning about coral reefs so year 5 have been down to answer some of their questions and tell them what we have learned about coral reefs.

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Building structures

Image of Building structures

We have built our structures today based on Anderson and Morris on shelters 

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Library bus

Image of Library bus

Lots of fun on the library bus this morning choosing new books for our classroom.

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