Visit from the Vicar

Image of Visit from the Vicar

Thank you Robin for coming in to talk to us about our RE topic of the Christmas story. Really interesting to think about different view points 

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Year 6 gymnastics

Image of Year 6 gymnastics

Year 6 have been linking movements and balances to create sequences in  P.E.

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Year 4 pizza making

Image of Year 4 pizza making

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Year 6 Art - Cubism part 2

Image of Year 6 Art - Cubism part 2

Year 6 have been studying the work of Picasso and Patrick Caulfied. They created these pictures by overlaying images made from tissue paper.

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New library books

Image of New library books

The library services have donated lots of new books to our classroom. We are having a lovely time looking at them 

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Gears, levers and pulleys

Image of Gears, levers and pulleys

A fun science afternoon investigating gears, levers and pulleys 

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Year 6 painting in the style of cubism

Image of Year 6 painting in the style of cubism

Year 6 have been studying the artists Pablo Picasso and Patrick Caulfield in art. They have created pictures using the style 'CUBISM' and have learnt how to create tints and tones when painting.

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Reception Children in need day

Image of Reception Children in need day

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Year 6 Rugby

Image of Year 6 Rugby

Year 6 have been busy learning new skills with their rugby coach this week. 

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Measuring gravity

Image of Measuring gravity

We have been measuring gravity using newton meters and finding the relationship between mass and weight. 

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Flatbread Nov

Image of Flatbread Nov

Making yummy flatbread for DT. 

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Art workshop

Image of Art workshop

A fantastic time working with artists and creating kaleidoscope pictures to go in an exhibition. 

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