Fun in the Springtime Sun

Image of Fun in the Springtime Sun

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Year 1 Scarf Day

Image of Year 1 Scarf Day

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Image of Switches

We used cardboard, paperclips, and split pins to make our own switches.

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Scarf workshop

Image of Scarf workshop

Really interesting session with Katie from Scarf. We talked about how to stay healthy in body and mind. 

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It's Great to be Me!

Image of It's Great to be Me!

Katy from Coram Education did a great session with us today! We learnt about systems in the human body and good and bad things to put into your body. We rode on The Conformatron ride but managed to avoid conforming to all being the same by reminding ourselves of all the differences between us and…

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Bonnets, hair and eggs

Image of Bonnets, hair and eggs

Year 3 did an amazing job of decorating hats, hair and eggs. 

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PE Outdoor Adventure

Image of PE Outdoor Adventure


Year 3 really enjoyed solving the problem of getting 10 people from one side to the other by stepping on beans bags. They only had one each and had several tries before succeeding.

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Meet the brain

Image of Meet the brain

Thank you to Coram Life Education for a super session called Meet the Brain. Year 3 learned lots about the different systems in our bodies

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Orienteering lesson 2

Image of Orienteering lesson 2

Learning new orienteering skills 

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AR Workshop and BAE Visit

Image of AR Workshop and BAE Visit

What an amazing day year 4 have had! This morning a team from BAE came to school to lead an Augmented Reality workshop. We thought about what we like about Barrow and then used Augmented Reality to create a vision of Barrow in the future. This afternoon year 4 went to the boat naming ceremony of…

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Reception Reading with Year 5

Image of Reception Reading with Year 5

Reception enjoyed their reading session with Year 5 this morning. 



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Furness Academy 24

Image of Furness Academy 24

A fun afternoon doing lots of different sports at Furness Academy 

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