Year 4 Outdoor Learning Afternoon

Image of Year 4 Outdoor Learning Afternoon

We had a great afternoon of outdoor learning on the field. Outdoor Learning provides children with a range of different experiences and opportunities out of the usual classroom environment. They worked in pairs to do a nature treasure hunt which involved lots of running and exploring. We developed…

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Year 4 pizza making

Image of Year 4 pizza making

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Pesto pasta 25th April

Image of Pesto pasta 25th April

On Tuesday afternoon in DT with Miss Taylor we explored making pesto basil pasta.

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Jack and the beanstalk - year 2

Image of Jack and the beanstalk - year 2

Our cross curricular topic this half term is plants. We have been linking this with English and looking at the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We enjoyed hot seating the Giant in the story to explore the character and his feelings. We enjoyed learning new vocabulary and finding out what the words…

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Position and Direction - Year 2

Image of Position and Direction - Year 2

In Year 2 we have been using our previous knowledge of fractions and time to help us with turns and movement. We were able to turn 1/4 or 1/2 turns both clockwise and anti- clockwise. We enjoyed learning this really practically both indoor and outside in partners. We were able to give instructions…

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Year 2 - Furness Abbey

Image of Year 2 - Furness Abbey

Year 2 are learning about Furness Abbey in their local history topic this half term. We loved having a visit to the Abbey, looking at the ruins, exploring in Abbots wood and enjoying a fantastic fun filled day in the sunshine! We are now very much looking forward to our history lessons!

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Secret Agent Training

Image of Secret Agent Training

Year 2 are half way through our Secret Agent Training and have had a day to reset our Growth Mindsets! We enjoyed creating secret agent masks, solve maths and English problems, sneak around school practising our spy skills and complete an obstacle course to ensure we are physically fit and ready…

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'The Last Supper'

Image of 'The Last Supper'

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Easter Bunny visit

Image of Easter Bunny visit

We have had an exciting week this week with some sightings and pictures of the Easter Bunny. This has been a great stimulus for writing and created lots of where, when, why, who and what questions to think about. The children all created a newspaper report about the special visitor and we were…

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Friendship Friday - Year 2

Image of Friendship Friday - Year 2

In year 2 we are really thinking about how we can be the best we can be! Whether that is being super resilient when it comes to writing, having a good growth mindset during maths, being the best friend that we can be and looking after our own mental health. We have a few mottos in year 2 that we…

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Word processing - Year 2

Image of Word processing - Year 2

We are enjoying our word processing computing topic and have already enjoyed exploring the keyboard and the different keys. In today’s lesson we looked at changing the size, colour and style of the font. We also linked it to our value this half term - friendship. We used our computing and PSHE…

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Year 2 Wheelchair Basketball

Image of Year 2 Wheelchair Basketball

Year 2 had lots of fun playing wheelchair Basketball


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