‘As a caring community, we learn and grow.’

In our Roose community, we care for each other and support each other. We work together with all involved (children, parents, staff, governors, agencies, the wider community) to grow, enable and develop.

We have high expectations for our community and what we can achieve together; supporting and encouraging our children to become lifelong learners and grow into caring, thoughtful, resilient and happy citizens.

Autumn 1st half term – responsibility (trust)

Autumn 2nd half term –thankfulness (appreciation)

Spring 1st half term – care (love and compassion)

Spring 2nd half term – friendship (cooperation, respect and peace)

Summer 1st half term – growth (learning)

Summer 2nd half term – hope (resilience)


We will encourage our community to take responsibility for their actions, their learning and their environment.

We will support this through leading by example and teaching; providing opportunities for children to be trusted and take the lead and initiative for different responsibilities.


We will strive for our community to appreciate the world around them and all that they have.

We will teach them about other people, help them to be thankful for what they have and how to become citizens who strive for equality for all.


We will demonstrate great care, empathy and compassion for our community; especially our pupils.

Children will grow and learn feeling valued, appreciated, cared for and loved.

We will show care for our children, parents, staff, governors, the wider community and our parents.

We will teach the children how to show care to others and the world around them.


We will demonstrate friendship and lead by example.

We will teach the children how to be a good friend and how our friends can help us.

We will learn about working together, co-operating, showing respect to others, boundaries and peace.



We will strive to create a growth mindset learning environment where everyone is learning, developing and becoming the best they can be.

We will support children in their learning and teach them the skills to become life-long learners so they can achieve whatever they want and lead happy, fulfilled lives.


We will support our children in their hopes and dreams for the future.

We will create a safe environment where they can become resilient and learn from their mistakes whilst striving to develop and learn.

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