Investigating magnets

Image of Investigating magnets

Today we have been investigating magnets and magnetic forces 

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Baking flatbread

Image of Baking flatbread

A lovely time baking flatbread 

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Rugby year 5

Image of Rugby year 5

A great afternoon learning rugby skills. The rain sent us inside but we still had fun. 

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Spelling games

Image of Spelling games

Practising silent letters and coordinates 

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Image of Meditation

We have been meditating today and writing our own stilling exercises 

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Making plastic and carbon dioxide

Image of Making plastic and carbon dioxide

A thoroughly exciting afternoon of mixing milk and vinegar to make casein (an early form of plastic) and blowing up balloons by making carbon dioxide. 


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Year 5 and 6 Football Competition

Image of Year 5 and 6 Football Competition

Well done to the year 5 and 6 football team who played amazing this afternoon. Thank you Furness Academy for hosting.

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PE years 1and 5

Image of PE years 1and 5

A brilliant afternoon with years 1 and 5 doing a joint PE lesson. It was so much fun. 


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Separating materials

Image of Separating materials

We have been using different techniques to separate materials in science today.


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Visit from Andy Tooze

Image of Visit from Andy Tooze

An absolutely brilliant visit from Andy Tooze today, we listened to him reading his amazing poems and then wrote and performed our own. 

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Image of Construction

We had a great time for our first construction club. Our challenge was to build an igloo. They all had plumbing it seems as toilets were being added! 

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Image of Hockey

Jolly hockey sticks in PE today. Lots of fun 


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