Year 3 & 4 Christmas party

Image of Year 3 & 4 Christmas party

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Water cycle in a bag

Image of Water cycle in a bag

Year 3 are learning about the water cycle and enjoyed creating the water cycle in a bag. They have been observing the bags closely to see the changes. 

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Children in Need and Odd Socks

Image of Children in Need and Odd Socks

We had a dress down day (and at the first count raised £200) for Children in Need. We also wore odd socks to celebrate the fact that we’re all different and support Anti Bullying Week.

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Subtraction using base 10

Image of Subtraction using base 10

Year 3 using base 10 to help subtract 10s across a 100. 

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Year 3 Geograpy

Image of Year 3 Geograpy

Year 3 have explored how Roose has changed since 1890 using Digimaps. 

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Year 3 trim trail fun

Image of Year 3 trim trail fun

Year 3 enjoyed some time on the trim trail after the daily mile this week. 



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Year 3 music

Image of Year 3 music

Year 3 learning to find the pulse, sing a new song and play the xylophone. Lots to think about and lots of listening skills needed. 

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Year 3 karate

Image of Year 3 karate

Year 3 enjoying karate with Natalie this week. 

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Image of Romans

Year 3 have been learning about what life was like for a Roman soldier in the north of England. We have learned about the tortoise manoeuvre and some simple Roman commands. 

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Nature club 28/6/22

Image of Nature club 28/6/22

Lots of fun making our own nature paint brushes and enjoyed nature art painting.

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Jack and the beanstalk - year 2

Image of Jack and the beanstalk - year 2

Our cross curricular topic this half term is plants. We have been linking this with English and looking at the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We enjoyed hot seating the Giant in the story to explore the character and his feelings. We enjoyed learning new vocabulary and finding out what the words…

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Position and Direction - Year 2

Image of Position and Direction - Year 2

In Year 2 we have been using our previous knowledge of fractions and time to help us with turns and movement. We were able to turn 1/4 or 1/2 turns both clockwise and anti- clockwise. We enjoyed learning this really practically both indoor and outside in partners. We were able to give instructions…

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