Nature club 23/2/2022

Image of Nature club 23/2/2022

Lots of fun in nature club today making seed bombs. 

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Nature club 9/2/22

Image of Nature club 9/2/22

Nature club enjoying looking at different trees.

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Year 2 - Everyday materials

Image of Year 2 - Everyday materials

Year 2 are enjoying a new science topic - everyday materials. On Thursday afternoons we turn our classroom into a laboratory and get to work! Today we planned and carried out an investigation to see which material would be best to make a raincoat. The children all made their predictions and then…

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Year 2 Forest School

Image of Year 2 Forest School

The children loved building their own fire and discussing their new science topic 


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Circle time -Year 2

Image of Circle time -Year 2

In our PSHE lessons the children learned more about our schools vision “As a caring community, we learn and grow”. We link our PSHE lessons to our value each half term. This half term our value is ‘Caring’. The children discussed different ways we can care for ourselves and each other. We then…

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Year 2 Tennis

Image of Year 2 Tennis

We enjoyed a taster session on Tuesday with Gary an outside coach. We practised lots of throwing and catching skills and developed our hand eye coordination. We all had a turn at using the racket and striking the ball! Well done to our Tennis champions who managed to hit the ball over the net and…

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Year 2 - Digital Photography

Image of Year 2 - Digital Photography

Our new computing topic is digital photography. The children were very keen to start the topic by taking photographs of themselves inside and outside. The children were able to flip the camera and take selfies and take short videos of themselves. We are excited to start editing our pictures next…

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Year 2 Yoga

Image of Year 2 Yoga

Year 2 enjoyed their yoga session with Liane from yokids. The children all demonstrated fantastic balancing and core strength ability. They were able to  hold themselves in the different poses and made me very proud with their wonderful listening skills. 

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Year 2 Outdoor PE

Image of Year 2 Outdoor PE

The children took turns in our PE session to  lead the warm up session and decide which muscles we were stretching. The hot favourite had to be Ronaldo’s (footballers) trademark celebration which apparently was stretching all the muscles! 

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Year 2 Drama

Image of Year 2 Drama

In our English lessons this week we have been looking at ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. The children have really enjoyed exploring the characters and using adjectives and similes in their writing. In today’s lesson we acted out one of the pranks that Mrs Twit plays on Mr Twit and then used a ‘freeze…

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Image of PSHE

We have enjoyed using our body language and facial expressions to show different feelings outside today in PSHE. 

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Today we pretended we were Engineers. We had to create a house that the Big Bad wolf couldn'y blow down. first of all we had tlk about the problem, then we brainstormed our ideas, then we designed them, then we made them and tested them. After we had tested them we were allowed to make…

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