Andy Tooze Year 4

Image of Andy Tooze Year 4

Andy Tooze inspired us to write poems about animals. The children enjoyed listening to some of his poems and were enthusiastic about writing their own

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Rugby 13.9.23

Image of Rugby 13.9.23

We wore our jamas to celebrate Roald Dahl Day!

We did Rugby with Barrow Raiders this afternoon.

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Netball & Basketball

Image of Netball & Basketball

We are working on changing direction.

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First Violin Lesson

Image of First Violin Lesson

Debby came in today for our first violin lesson. We did some clapping rhythms. We learnt how to pick up our violins and we plucked the strings. We realised they all sound different.

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CO 2026 Dinosaur Workshop

Image of CO 2026 Dinosaur Workshop

Dinosaur fun for year 3. Exploring fossils and learning 

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Strive for 5 winners water fight

Image of Strive for 5 winners water fight

A fun afternoon on the field followed by an ice cream treat for year 3 as a reward for winning Strive for 5. 

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CO 2026 water park trip

Image of CO 2026 water park trip

Amazing trip to Water Park for Year 3. Challenging themselves and facing their fears. 

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A new book.

Image of A new book.

We are so very lucky, the author S F Said has sent us copy of his new book Tyger and dedicated it to the children of Roose School. 

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RNCM string quartet

Image of RNCM string quartet

Year 3 loved the visit from the string quartet from the Royal National College of Music. The music was beautiful and I’m sure has inspired the children ready for their violin lessons in Year 4. 

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Dock Museum’s The Barrow Tour

Image of Dock Museum’s The Barrow Tour

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed The Barrow Tour at the Dock Museum today. Graham was brilliant and all the children were engaged and learned something new. Everyone enjoyed time in the playground afterwards. 

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Pesto pasta 25th April

Image of Pesto pasta 25th April

On Tuesday afternoon in DT with Miss Taylor we explored making pesto basil pasta.

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Northern Ballet Workshop

Image of Northern Ballet Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed the ballet workshop last week. They explored the ugly duckling and moving over, under and round and creating their own performance. 

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