Sports Morning at Furness Academy

Image of Sports Morning at Furness Academy

Thank you Furness Academy for a brilliant sports morning. We did icircuit training,  trampolining and a science investigation about urine! We had lots of fun 


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Treasure Island Predictions

Image of Treasure Island Predictions

We have been using drama to predict what will happen to Jim Hawkins now he has got on board the Hispanola! 

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Spellbinding books!

Image of Spellbinding books!

Year 5 have started their Spellbinding book challenge. We had a lovely paired reading session. The children have until Easter to read 6 books and then vote for their favourite. 

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Magnetic inventions!

Image of Magnetic inventions!

Watch out for your loose change....they have invented magnetic gloves!

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Magnetic fun!

Image of Magnetic fun!

We have had a very exciting afternoon investigating magnets and magnetic forces. 

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Getting ready for Christingle

Image of Getting ready for Christingle

We have been learning our words and making Christingles. We hope to see you at the service tomorrow morning 


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Christmas party

Image of Christmas party

A success of a Christmas party, thank you for all the food you sent in. Happy Christmas from Year 5 xxx 

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Thermal insulators

Image of Thermal insulators

We have been investigating which materials would make the best thermal insulator for a new packed lunch box. 

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Christmas gymnastics and aerobics

Image of Christmas gymnastics and aerobics

We had so much fun in gymnastics creating Christmas themes aerobic workouts. Lots of press ups, star jumps and new moves such as the bauble and the Christmas tree!  

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Dissolving Day

Image of Dissolving Day

A fab afternoon investigating dissolving and separating different solids and liquids. We learned lots of new vocabulary 

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We found the map!

Image of We found the map!

Jim Hawkins has found a map in Treasure Island, and so have we! 

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