Northern Ballet Workshop

Image of Northern Ballet Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed the ballet workshop last week. They explored the ugly duckling and moving over, under and round and creating their own performance. 

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Class of 2026 wheelchair basketball

Image of Class of 2026 wheelchair basketball

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed wheelchair basketball. Lots of goals scored and fun had. 


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Yoga workshop

Image of Yoga workshop

Year 3 enjoyed the yoga workshop with Joanna. 

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Year 3 snow day

Image of Year 3 snow day

We had so much fun in the snow this morning followed by an Easter cookie treat. 

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WBD 2023 in Year 3

Image of WBD 2023 in Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed World Book Day 

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Eco Workshop Year 3

Image of Eco Workshop Year 3

Year 3 learned a lot today from our visitors. We learned about biodiversity and how much of our flora and fauna has been lost in such a short period of time. We made seed bombs and were given some seeds to plant around school. We can wait to see if they flower in a few months. 

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Image of Animation

Year 3 are enjoying creating animation in computing. 

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The Ride of Passage

Image of The Ride of Passage

Year 3 started a new unit in English this week - The Ride of Passage.  We watched the title sequence, created story boards and used paragraphs to write.

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The Firework Maker’s Daughter

Image of The Firework Maker’s Daughter

Year 3 used clues from the text and their imagination to draw images of Razvani, the fire-fiend.


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Animated flip books

Image of Animated flip books

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Water cycle in a bag

Image of Water cycle in a bag

Year 3 are learning about the water cycle and enjoyed creating the water cycle in a bag. They have been observing the bags closely to see the changes. 

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Subtraction using base 10

Image of Subtraction using base 10

Year 3 using base 10 to help subtract 10s across a 100. 

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