Year 3 Wheelchair basketball

Image of Year 3 Wheelchair basketball

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed wheelchair basketball this afternoon. 

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Year 3 World Book Day

Image of Year 3 World Book Day

Year 3 have enjoyed World Book Day activities. 

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Northern ballet Pinocchio workshop

Image of Northern ballet Pinocchio workshop

Year 3 enjoying the Pinocchio workshop with Ruth from Northern Ballet. 

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Image of Tennis

Year 3 enjoyed tennis with Gary this week. 

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Year 3 Children’s Mental Health Week

Image of Year 3 Children’s Mental Health Week

Today, year 3 reached for the stars and set themselves a goal around emotional growth to work towards. They also decorated their own support balloons and thought about the people and things in their lives who they turn to for support or helps them when things get tough.


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Year 3 science

Image of Year 3 science

Year 3 having been learning about skeletons. This week and last week we explored the function of the human skeleton. Last week we learned about the support a skeleton provides. We designed and constructed a structure to support a ball as high above the top as possible. This week we explored the…

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Year 3 PE

Image of Year 3 PE

Year 3 enjoying dance linked to our topic Anglo-Saxons in PE with Mrs Hayes.

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Year 3 maths

Image of Year 3 maths

Year 3 using base 10 and place value counters to add crossing 10 or 100. 

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Year 3 yoga

Image of Year 3 yoga

Year 3 heading into the new year energised and with a smile after yoga with Liane 

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Year 3 Christmas angels

Image of Year 3 Christmas angels

Today year 3 made their Christmas angels ready to decorate the tree. 

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Year 3 Football with Barrow AFC

Year 3 are enjoying their football sessions with Barrow AFC 

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Year 3 instructional writing

Year 3 had fun designing games then explaining the instructions to their friends.


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