Year 1 Music

Image of Year 1 Music

Year 1 enjoyed learning ‘London’s Burning’ in music and we thought of actions to go with the words. We even began to learn to sing in a round! 

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Celebrations - Halloween

Image of Celebrations - Halloween

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Year One STEM science through stories

Image of Year One STEM science through stories

Year one used lots of their enquiry and investigation skills to create a chair for the three bears to sit on. We loved learning about Goldilocks and the three bears and making it cross curricular. Well done Year One! 

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Superhero day

Image of Superhero day

We have enjoyed our superhero topic very much and finished off in true superhero style with a dress up day. We wrote amazing comics, experimented with mixing colours to make super hero biscuits, wrote and performed our own separate hero poem and had lots of superhero crafts! Well done Year…

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Being Healthy

Image of Being Healthy

The children were able to explain why we should warm up before exercise and played lots of team warm up games before our PE lesson. They stretched their muscles and able to explain that their heart was an organ and it could pump blood around their body giving us more oxygen to breathe during…

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Ordering numbers to 10

Image of Ordering numbers to 10

We love White Rose Maths in year One and have been doing lots of fun and practical challenges to help us understand place value and numbers 0-10. The children worked in pairs to order numbers. A further challenge was to close their eyes and their partner takes a number away. To even further…

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Roose Fest 2021

Image of Roose Fest 2021

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Reception Singing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

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