Roasted cauliflower

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DT stuffed peppers

Image of DT stuffed peppers

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Smoothie bike

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WWF World Oceans Day

Image of WWF World Oceans Day

Year 3 enjoyed a live lesson with WWF learning about our oceans, the problems they fa e and how we can help. 

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Class of 2027 school trip

Image of Class of 2027 school trip

Year 3 enjoyed a brilliant day on Coniston Water at the adventure park canoeing, high and low ropes and orienteering. 

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Writing in the style of Berlie Doherty

Image of Writing in the style of Berlie Doherty

Year 3 enjoyed writing in the style of Belie Doherty. They used adjectives, similes and repetition. 

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Roman Army

Image of Roman Army


Year 3 enjoyed learning about the Roman Army. They designed their own shield and practised the testudo formation. 

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Year 2 and 3 PE

Image of Year 2 and 3 PE

Year 2 enjoyed teaming up with Year 3 for PE. We were looking at throwing with accuracy. We linked our throwing and catching skills with practising our timetables too! Great teamwork everyone. 

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Bonnets, hair and eggs

Image of Bonnets, hair and eggs

Year 3 did an amazing job of decorating hats, hair and eggs. 

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PE Outdoor Adventure

Image of PE Outdoor Adventure


Year 3 really enjoyed solving the problem of getting 10 people from one side to the other by stepping on beans bags. They only had one each and had several tries before succeeding.

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Meet the brain

Image of Meet the brain

Thank you to Coram Life Education for a super session called Meet the Brain. Year 3 learned lots about the different systems in our bodies

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Heartwood String Quartet

Image of Heartwood String Quartet

Heartwood String Quartet visited school this afternoon. They entertained us with their music and taught us about pitch. Year 4 were invited to stand behind and look at the music notation to learn more about it

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