World Book Week

Year 1 have been enjoying lots of different activities this week as part of Roose School's book week! Today we have had a visit from Franklin, Miss Horne's tortoise. We have also done some paired reading with year 2. Have a look in the photio gallery for more pictures of our week!

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South Lakes Wild Animal Park

We had a great time visiting the animal park on Friday. We fed the giraffes, reindeers, ourselves and met Father Christmas! 


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Nursery rhyme week

Year 1 have been enjoying nursery rhyme week. On Tuesday afternoon we made some rock cakes to go with our rhyme - 5 currant buns. Thursday's rhyme is 'Old King Cole' and Friday's is 'Oranges and Lemons'.

Remember to dress-up year 1 on Friday as a nursery rhyme character!

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WW1 day

We had a great day in year 1 when we dressed up in clothes from the World War One era. We learnt about school life and how different it was!

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Year 1 Football with Barrow Community Sports

On Friday year 1 had their first football session with Barrow Community Sports. These are continuing until half term and are developing the children's football skills. This week we worked on using feet to kick and stop the ball, not hands!

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