Fractions - Equal and unequal groups

Image of Fractions - Equal and unequal groups

Year 2 enjoyed a practical maths session sorting whole numbers into equal groups. The children then extended their learning by writing the related multiplication and division facts! A super session! 

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Year 2 and 3 PE

Image of Year 2 and 3 PE

Year 2 enjoyed teaming up with Year 3 for PE. We were looking at throwing with accuracy. We linked our throwing and catching skills with practising our timetables too! Great teamwork everyone. 

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Bedtime stories Year 2

Image of Bedtime stories Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed a treat tonight for their amazing effort with reading and winning the strive for five competition! We came back to school for a pyjama party, enjoyed some party food and then relaxed with our favourite books! Well done Year 2! “The more that you read, the more things you will know.…

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World Book Day Year 2 2024

Image of World Book Day Year 2 2024

We had an amazing day in Year 2, reading and listening to our favourite books and even writing our own books to take home! We have the best authors at Roose. You all looked amazing in your costumes. We also called it Thankful Thursday as we were so thankful for all the amazing books we have to…

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Invasion games Hockey

Image of Invasion games Hockey

The children enjoyed getting outside for PE. We looked at the skills of dribbling, pushing and controlling the ball in hockey! Great teamwork. 


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Number bonds - Year 2

Image of Number bonds - Year 2

We love starting our PE sessions with some quick recall in mathematics! Today we played the quick draw game when we had to shoot with a number. Our friend then had to fire back with the matching bond to 10. Great work year 2!


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Year 2 - Talk for Writing

Image of Year 2 - Talk for Writing

We are looking at adventure stories in year 2 this week and the book we are exploring is ‘The tale of Peter Rabbit’ by Beatrix Potter. The children enjoyed listening to the story and learning lots of new vocabulary for our working wall! The children then worked in groups to act out parts of the…

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Y2 - Wheelchair basketball

Image of Y2 - Wheelchair basketball

What an exciting PE session today! The children loved using the wheelchairs and showed great determination and teamwork! 

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Year 2 - colour mixing

Image of Year 2 - colour mixing

Year 2 enjoyed learning about a new artist in Art this week. Mrs B is introducing them to Lowry and his work. They looked at some of his famous paintings and then they mixed colours and and explored using white and black to tint and shade their colours! Great work Year 2

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World Book Day Y2

Image of World Book Day Y2

Year 2 enjoyed lots of lovely book day activities and all looked amazing dressed as the different characters! It was lovely to see so many Roald Dahl characters after our topic last term! Great effort everyone! 

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Making equal groups

Image of Making equal groups

We started our new scheme of learning in mathematics today- multiplication and division. Our first step was looking at making equal groups. After super listening, reasoning and problem solving during the teaching input the children went outside to practically make equal groups whilst working in…

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Properties of 2D shapes - Year 2

Image of Properties of 2D shapes - Year 2

We enjoyed a fun 2D shape starter using positional language and our knowledge of 2D shapes. Working in partners we created a shape picture and then used our mathematical language to describe our picture to our partner. Super listening skills and great teamwork everyone! Have a go at this game with…

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