Image of Hockey

Jolly hockey sticks in PE today. Lots of fun 


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Investigating thermal conductors and insulators

Image of Investigating thermal conductors and insulators

Another fun afternoon of science investigating thermal insulators and conductors. 

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Year 5 dot day 23

Image of Year 5 dot day 23

Celebrating international dot day by getting all creative. 


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Subtractive drawing

Image of Subtractive drawing

Our first lesson on subtractive drawing. 

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First PE lesson

Image of First PE lesson

Today we began to create our own competitive games 

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Materials vocabulary

Image of Materials vocabulary

We turned the classroom into a giant dictionary using words related to materials and their properties 

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Dowdales maths competition

Image of Dowdales maths competition

Some of our maths wizards have been taking part in a competition between other schools at Dowdales today. 

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Pond dipping

Image of Pond dipping

A gorgeous morning of pond dipping, looking at habitats and the animals which live there.

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Image of Dowdales

What a fantastic morning we had at Dowdales, so many exciting things to do and such a lovely class. They are very full after the break time feast and making carrot cakes

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St Bernards

Image of St Bernards

A great day at St Bernard's with lots of exciting activities. 

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Walney nature reserve 2023

Image of Walney nature reserve 2023

A fabulous day at Walney Nature Reserve with a brilliant class. We didn’t spot many seals but we played in the dunes, went on a bug hunt and had a wonderful walk 

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Investigating the surface of Mars

Image of Investigating the surface of Mars

Today in English we have been investigating the surface of Mars and the impact meteorites can have on the surface of a planet. Excellent science through English. 

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