The whole school has been busy making Christmas Tree decorations. Reception made salt dough decorations that they painted and put glitter on.  From Year 1 to Year 6, everyone used felt and sowing, which got progressively more difficult through the year groups.  They used a running stitch in year one to create the Christmas Tree.  In year two they used a running stitch and added something to the front to make a present.  Year three made snowmen, using a running stitch, sowing on eyes, a carrot nose and buttons, they then stuffed it.  Year four made a bauble which needed a different piece of material adding to the top of it, a running stitch for the top section, a button design and a whip stitch to secure the bauble and then they stuffed it.  Year five made a reindeer, that needed a button, adding ears with a running stitch, a button red nose and they used blanket stitch to secure the decoration, which they also stuffed.  Year six made the Christmas Puddings, they had to use as many of the skills as possible.  They added the white top using running stitch, they then whip stitched the top together and used blanket stitch to secure the bottom, sadly we had no black buttons to add on, they then stuffed the pudding.  Each child spent a lot of time working on their decoration and were immensely proud of the finished piece,  We think they look amazing and will be a wonderful addition to the Christmas Tree.