Encountering Wordsworth - Dove Cottage Visit

We had an amazing day at Dove Cottage.

We explored the house, the children were fascinated by many of the things we saw. There was even a walk in "fridge" which was partially underground.

During our Woodland workshop we played "it's not a stick" and then we built wildlife habitats using what…

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Sketchbooks and Watercolour Techniques

We had a Zoom Workshop with Alex (a visual artist) this morning.

We made a concertina sketchbook with a keepsake folder ready for our trip to Dove Cottage next week.

We then tried out different watercolour techniques. We used salt and clingfilm to achieve different effects and we even used…

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It's Coming Home - Signed

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Wordworth Timeline

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Learning a Dance

We are learning some dances with Miss Harrison.


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Words for Wilbur

We thought of words to describe Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Then we designed webs containing the words.

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We worked with Carol Lewthwaite from CDEC (Cumbria Development Education Centre) to learn about  Wordsworth’s legacy as one of the first conservationists as well as poet and influencer. 
By producing an illustrated timeline from his day - present day we  explored the social and human…
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Connecting with Nature

We spent some time on the field this afternoon to promote positive mental health.

First, we sheltered from a shower under some trees. We closed our eyes and listened carefully to see what we could hear. We heard birds, the breeze, trees rustling and the nursery children.

Then we gazed at the…

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Yoga 2023

We really enjoyed our first yoga session and learnt some great calming techniques.

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Insect Snapshots

Look at these amazing pastel pictures of insects.

We started with a photograph of half of an insect then finished the picture with pastels.

Can you spot which half is the photo and which is our pastel drawing?

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Red Nose Day

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Insect Pencil Drawings

Look at our amazing pencil drawings of insects!


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